About Us

Who is e and j RV?

We are a husband and wife team. The e & j stand for Erin and JC. Along with us, we have our ever-so-handsome English bulldog, Lincoln. It’s the three of us taking life on the open road.

This is our story…

A couple years ago we made a radical decision to change our lives. We had a beautiful, old bungalow from the 1920’s that we loved and doted on. We poured our hearts and money into our little bungalow in the heart of Tampa. In a span of 5 years we re-did the plumbing, demoed the bathroom and gave it a new facelift, put on a new roof, added new insulation, and the list goes on.

Each weekend we worked on our home making it a special place.
We worked hard and we played hard.

Follow Lincoln’s adventures here:

Over time we both started to grow tired of the long work weeks which led into the weekend of house maintenance. JC especially was daunted about the continuous lawn maintenance. So much so that he wanted to rip up the grass and replace it with a zero-scaping after a visit to Arizona. This sentiment continued for a few months until one day we both sat down and had a conversation. It was that day in March 2018 that we decided to simplify our lives. We would ditch the sticks and bricks for a life on the road.

This site is dedicated to a new life-adventure. The road ahead will certainly have its challenges and unique opportunities. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you. If you’ve ever wondered what working life is like on the road, we sure hope this site and our experiences will help provide insight.

Thanks for the follow!

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