A Month On The Road

We’ve been on the road a month and here’s what we’ve learned:
Top 5 Reasons Why Death to Smoochy’s Stepdad Song Keeps Coming to Mind

  1. Adjusting to life on the road is a real thing filled with adventure as well as anxiety.
  2. You’re on top of each other all the time and not in that sexy kind of way.
  3. Always put the truck tailgate up.
  4. Communication is key and walkie talkies help.
  5. Everyone poos.

Let’s expand a little bit on each of these.

  1. Adjusting to life on the road is a real thing filled with adventure as well as anxiety.
    We won’t sugarcoat on this one. While visiting new places has its glamour allure, there is another side of the coin. There have been and will continue to be highly anxious moments where nerves and emotions run high. Throughout this entire process, from minimizing our belongings, to selling our house, to buying an RV and figuring out how to drive it, it has been a mental battle with the fear of the unknown. Through the ups and downs we recognize the courage it takes and strive to be kind to one another as we learn.
  2. You’re on top of each other all the time and not in that sexy kind of way.
    Let’s face it. You are in a small space. You have to be pretty comfortable with each other when you share 300 square feet. It is almost comical the way each of us tend to always be in each other’s way. For instance, one of us goes into the kitchen and suddenly the other needs to start dinner. Or we find ourselves in the hallway at the same time in a Lord of the Rings face off declaring, “You shall not pass!” These moments at first seem extremely annoying but in time subside to rather funny moments where we are learn to recognize and treat them as such.
  3. Always put the truck tailgate up.dented truck
    This lesson comes at a cost. You can’t rush things. Even though we have read this time and again, the importance is to repeat it like a mantra. A part of the anxiety aforementioned is built around the many-stepped processes this life now introduces. Moving your house on the regular requires a battening down the hatches and one missed step can have dire consequences. Those following us on Instagram saw what can happen when you don’t put the truck tailgate up. Poor Big Booty Judy.
  4. Communication is key and walkie talkies help.
    Singing, “‘Cause my stepdad’s not mean, he’s just adjusting.” We’ve been hard on each other lately. It’s due to the stress and anxiety that comes along with ‘figuring it out’. People say things they regret. It happens when emotions are running high and the tension is palatable. We are learning to better recognize this and be kinder to one another during these moments. Personal mantra: Only with open lines of communication can we learn from each other and work better together.

    We experienced communication woes almost immediately after buying our 5th wheel. We had read from other bloggers that these tenuous moments happen when trying to park. It’s true. Especially when both you and your mate are controlling, type A personalities. This is where walkie talkies can help. Using walkie talkies can prevent those moments from public display. After a few episodes of Family Feud, you learn.
  1. Everyone poos.
    You have to be ok with the doo-doo brown. Plain and simple. You go, your mate goes, your animal goes, we all go. It’s a part of life. And with this life, you are your own waste management. You have to be ok dealing with the 1’s and the 2’s. Any parent that has dealt with poopy diapers can tell you once you get through the first few times, you just roll with it. Same goes with dumping waste from your rig. It’s a tedious task, sure, but one that just requires a little more prep. We’ve found that having the pertinent pieces of equipment like gloves, wipes, soap and water are an easy way to keep all the brown down.

We’ve still got a lot to learn and a long way to go. That is part of the adventure, right? Stay tuned for more exciting findings as we roll this mutha out. Next up. Boondocking! What the hell is it and why our first go was a successful failure.


  1. it is a learning experience you will always remember for the rest of your lives. I am so happy for you three to have the guts to do what you want to do. Make it an enjoyable experience, you only live once. it’s good that you are doing it now because when you get older the harder it is.

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