Ch ch ch changes

“It’s not a trip, it’s a lifestyle.” These were the words that escaped Erin’s lips in response to someone wishing her a great ‘trip’, as we go full-time on January 19th.

We’ve mapped out our intended destinations on Instagram through October, possibly November, thus far. So, on paper, or in an image, it’s most certainly a trip.

However, her statement is also correct.

It’s also a mindset. And a commitment. And an adventure. And not the norm. Definitely a lifestyle that requires a ton of “Ch ch ch changes”.

When one is considering a major lifestyle change that can bring on excitement, dreams of doing interesting things, desires to achieve the aim of that intended change, etc. It can also create anxiety, questions around whether you’re doing the right thing, and questions about which path to choose when the road is wide open before you.

We’ve experienced each of those listed above, probably three-fold, in the last 6-8 weeks alone!

As we pack the final things into our storage unit, get the Chateau To Go ready to roll, and close the door to our apartment one last time , it feels good to be making these changes.

At least we’re having fun with it when we can 🙂