3 Tips for a Successful Online Sale


There are a ton of places you can list your items for sale. The Facebook Marketplace is a great place, especially if you are located in a metropolitan area. The Let Go app is another great channel to post your gently used items for sale. I know friends that use the PoshMark app to sell fashionable clothes pulled from the backs of their closets. I would personally stay away from Craigslist. It’s unfortunately earned a reputation for being the home of the scammer. While I have personally had success listing and selling items on Craigslist, it was more than 10 years ago at this point. I will note that if you are located in more rural areas of the country, Craigslist may be your go-to option. Just be cautious when using Craigslist.

Ok, so here are the top 3 MUST DO’s for a successful online sale:

  1. Take good pictures of your item. Clear images, not blurry with good lighting are winners and should make your web post. Also the number of pictures per post is key. Use moderation for the number of pictures to be included. For a single item, no more than 5. If it’s something higher in value and more pictures are necessary, try and keep it limited to 20. I used to get so annoyed when we were looking to purchase our RV and would come across some posts with 50+ pictures. I immediately would think, ‘C’mon! I don’t need pictures of every single feature, just the basics, please’ — and then I scroll right on past.
  2. Take measurements. Seriously, break out the tape measure and get your dimensions placed into the description when you post it online. You’ll be glad you went the extra mile here. Inevitably someone will ask what they are anyways. When they DM you for the measurements, make them read the description again because you’re that awesome and you’ve already provided them.
  3. Put thought into the item’s headline and description. Really sell it! Instead of saying Printer Stand, how about writing something more descriptive like: Metal with Glass Topped Printer Stand. Even getting creative with your description helps add more emphasis to your item.
    • For example: This printer stand is great for any room in the house not just the office. Think canvas boxes on each shelve for stowing away your stuff; a perfect space saver!

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