Reduce Humidity and Moisture in Your RV Bathroom by Doing These 3 Things

E and J are native Floridians, so if anyone knows about ‘hot cheesecake’ aka humidity, we do. Here are some easy tips to keep the moisture down in your recreational vehicle’s bathroom.

1.Always open your ceiling vent and run the fan while taking a shower. Leave it running for a little bit even after bath time is over. No brainer right?!

2. Use a squeegee to eliminate excess water from shower door and walls after every shower. This will help keep the moisture down. Found this sweet plastic one that hangs in the shower for easy access. Before I open the shower door to dry myself off, I use the squeegee.

3. Use a rechargeable mini dehumidifier. Eva-Dry is a perfect addition for any damp place in your RV. They are small and portable. Hang them anywhere and plug into any outlet to recharge when the indicator shows wet. These work great and are so much easier to manage than those boxes of DampRid. You can find these at Amazon and purchase a single mini-dehumidifier or pick up a two-pack like we did for under $35.

For the Win: Hang your wet towels outside instead of in the bathroom to dry. When we can we clothes pin our wet towels to the awning.

This post uses affiliate links to Amazon which helps us with a small kickback when you purchase. We absolutely use these products everyday and hope that you find them useful too in your daily RV life. Thank you in advance for your support!

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