COVID-19 and Our Travels

For those of you following along you may be wondering how we are traveling while waging the corona pandemic. Well, we aren’t. Traveling that is.

When we were in Atlanta, approximately two weeks ago, we decided to continue along our route to get out of the city. We would make a break for the countryside as we were starting to receive reports of state parks closing their campgrounds and even received a cancellation for our reservation in Washington DC. Fearful of having nowhere to park our rig we inquired about a longer stay at our next stop which was north to the “Blue Ridge Mountains, over near Tennessee”. (listen to Fleet Foxes below)

When we arrived at our next stop, we secured our campsite for a longer stay. We are currently living (parked) in a beautiful, relatively isolated holler in Blairsville, GA and will remain here until the end of April.

Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘what is a holler?’ A holler in the South is often referred to as the valley between mountains. We are in Trackrock Gap to be more precise. This area is a wealth of fertile land, mountain-fed creeks, and gorgeous waterfalls. Native Americans thrived in this area and examples of this can be found only a few miles away with the Trackrock petroglyphs. In fact, this area is best-known for its petroglyphs. There are six table-sized soapstone boulders which contain hundreds of symbols carved into their surface. Archaeologists speculate the figures are from the Archaic Period (8,000 to 1,000 B.C.) and were created by the Cherokee Indians who lived here until the 19th Century. (see resource for more info)


We are hopeful that the corona storm will clear and we can continue forward with our travels. In the meantime, we are going to take advantage of this time and explore the beauty this area has to offer.

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