Oh The Places We’ll Go: Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta

We enjoyed Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta so much!

If you have not yet camped in Stone Mountain Park you are missing out. We’ve talked with several travelers and often get the ‘ick’ or ‘ewe’ response when we mention going to Atlanta. We get it. Driving in Atlanta with a giant RV is not an ideal scenario. However, if you are brave enough to take on the challenge what you’ll find is an amazing campground with wide open spots and spectacular views of the lake and Stone Mountain. You know what else? It’s an attraction park, so there is plenty to do. You could spend the entire week and have something different to do each day. It’s fun for the whole fam-damily! [fam-damily = damn family]

Campsites, cabins, and yurts available at Stone Mountain Park Campground
For the Win: Camp before the season hits and receive cheaper rates and an empty campground!

There are many attractions beyond the traditional hiking, biking, and golf. You can visit the Historic Village with access to a farmyard where you can pet the animals which is fun for the little ones. What is kind of neat about this village is that each of the houses were brought in from other areas of Georgia, disassembled then reassembled on-site. Each house can be toured and is furnished as it would have been back in its day. It’s a great learning experience for all ages. As an adult it taught me that social stratification is a tale as old as time.

Don’t forget to visit the Farmyard while checking out the historic village.
This is so interesting to see each house setup with period furnishings. It really gives a sense of life in the time.

Not only can you hike to the top of Stone Mountain but you can also take a gondola ride to top. At the top, take in rare views of Atlanta’s skyline. On a clear day, you can see the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains far off in the distance. Visit this great site for more information about what else can be seen from top of Stone Mountain.

If you look hard enough you can see the Atlanta skyline off in the distance.

But wait! There’s more!

They’ve got rope swings, rock walls and adventure playgrounds, a dinosaur exhibit, a 4-D theatre, a scenic train ride, lake tours, and this cool SkyHike thing where you walk a course in the air. Like the kind where you must be tethered to something in case you fall. Pretty adventurous, right?

Our point is, you should go! Take the kids, don’t take the kids. Either way you are bound to have a good time. And when you go, go camping!

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