Living 24/7 with Your Spouse and Family

Brought to You By: COVID-19

Now that the corona pandemic has struck our land and forced stay at home orders, a lot of you out there are now starting to experience insights into full time living on the road and you don’t even realize it.

Living 24/7 with your spouse and children may be a slice of heaven or it may be a slice closer to hell. Our point is, if you and your mate are non-essential workers, more than likely you both are stuck at home together for the foreseeable future. This has become a time when both of you are stressed and entrenched in trying to work from home, keep productivity up while homeschooling the kiddos, keep everyone’s hands washed and make sure NO ONE TOUCHES THEIR FACE EVER, all while maintaining some resemblance of normal order.

No doubt about it. These are strange times. Couples who are now living with each other all day everyday, can now get a glimpse into what fulltime RV life is like. Being in small quarters and close proximity 24/7 for extended periods of times suddenly opens the floodgates for games like, ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ or ‘Where The Hell Did You Put That’ and trust me, these are games where no one wins. Welcome to a sneak peek into RV life.

We’ve been living on the road for about four months now. In that time we’ve traversed three states and visited some pretty cool historic sites. In our stays we experienced several different types of campgrounds and met some interesting people from all over the USA. We even traded wine for cheese with the Wisconsin Cheese Guy at a campground in nowhere Yemassee, South Carolina. In four months time we’ve also got really good at moving this big, 36ft chateau. JC has become a pro at backing up the truck and hitching the 5th wheel. Of course it helps having an automated leveling system and anyone looking to buy an RV in the future, we highly recommend putting that as a top priority on your buying list. So yeah, I guess you could say we’ve come a long way in those four months. But we still have new things to learn along the way.

Learning to share a small space with each other is still a challenge at this point. We love each other, sure, but being on top of each other 24/7 certainly has had its challenges. One of the things we noticed early on and continues today is the fact that we go about things very differently and that often is a point of contention. Erin thinks her way is the right way while JC is determined to not listen and do it his way. Neither way is wrong or right, just different. Turns out, this is a tale as old as time. Jokes on us. And maybe we’ve been married long enough now to witness. Of course, trying to reach this conclusion with each other during the process never happens. We bicker and argue and then give each other the silent treatment only to smarten up and apologize to each other. It’s just a part of acclimating to the 24/7 tiny house living. We continue to be cognizant of ‘being nice’ and recognize each other’s autonomy.

We are guessing here, but according to Facebook posts, talks with friends, and a boatload of memes popping up, we gather that a lot of you out there are now experiencing similar being under the same roof 24/7. Funny how the size of that roof doesn’t matter in this particular circumstance. Good news is that this is temporary for most and soon the routines will transition back to normal. Spouses will return to the workplace and we’ll all be able to get the natural distances from each other that we need, that is unless you live in an RV, full time on the road. Muahahaaa… ha! Learning to live with each other 24/7 under a tiny roof is an on-going experience and one that we’ll continue to share with you all along the way. Don’t worry though, we have lots of good times and they certainly outweigh our silly arguments.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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