6 Months In! Top 5 Lessons Learned

Big Booty Judy and her chateau 2-go

Can you believe we’ve been doing the RV thing for 6 months now?! We can’t either. Time has flown by. Even with the stay at home orders for corona virus which has delayed our travels, we’ve been so busy doing our thang that we too were surprised the month of May meant our 6 month on-the-road anniversary.

Gah! We really are livin’ Kacey Musgraves’ My House!

If you haven’t listened to the song above, it’s kind of our theme song now. This song has inspired us, on our 6 month anniversary, to share our…

Top 5 RV Lifestyle Lessons by Song [with a twist of course]

Here we go!

  1. Joe Crocker – Get by with a little help from my fellow RVer’s

We’ve never met a more friendlier group of people. There is always someone there to lend a hand or share a helpful tip. There have been a couple of weirdos in FL, but hey, it’s FL. Ha. Ha. You know what I mean. [wink] But all in all, we’ve had great experiences meeting all kinds of people along the way. People just like you and me, some working, some retired, some with kids, no kids, some that full-time or do the weekend warrior thing. What’s beautiful is that we all share a common interest, so there’s an instant connection and a how can I help. In fact, from boujee dog snacks like duck jerky, to the ultimate fire starters, to loaning us their truck to move our chateau, we have gotten by with a little help from our RV friends more than once.

  1. Kelis – My wrinkleface brings all the neighbors to the yard

So those that have met Lincoln, our ever-so handsome English bulldog, know he’s the Brad Pitt of bulldogs and his wrinkleface brings all the dog lovers to the yard.

Lincoln does not know or care about social distancing. He’s a lover of people and he can’t stop, won’t stop. We’ve discovered that most RV’ers can’t resist him either. Damn right, his is better than yours.

  1. Queen – Big Booty Judy makes this RV’ing world go round

Your truck is your lifeline. You realize this when the truck suddenly won’t start. It’s the only mode of transportation and it is the only thing that can move the house. So when the truck doesn’t start and you have to move your house, you suddenly realize how important the health and happiness of the truck is. Good thing it was just the battery. Easy fix. You get a jump from a fellow RV’er and go get a battery.

When you realize the truck is gushing coolant and the water pump is cracked and it’s time to move the house, you panic. This one wasn’t such an easy fix as the battery before. It requires changing logistics and more stress. Or when you’re driving up the mountain with house-in-tow and the check engine light comes on, you pray you can get through the next 50 miles… our F350 Super Duty dually, Big Booty Judy, is our fat-bottom girl and she makes our roadin’ world go round.

  1. TLC – You should go chasing waterfalls

We are so fortunate to be living out one of our goals with this #rvlife, and that is getting back to nature. Since corona is keeping us out of public places and touristy museums, we will stick to the rivers and lakes we are close by. We’ll treat this as a rare opportunity to prove TLC wrong and go chase those waterfalls down dead end dirt roads and explore the trails with scary cliffs to see the beauty in this country.

  1. Otis Redding – Sittin’ on the porch of my RV

It’s all about slowing down, smelling the roses, and taking it easy. We are understanding this better. Honestly, the pandemic and stay at home forced us to stop, reset, and explore.

Six months in and we both feel like we are hitting our stride. It took us a bit to adjust and now, it’s more like sittin’ in the mornin’ sun and sittin’ when the evenin’ comes.

One comment

  1. Love this theme and that you are both following your hearts and dreams. Life is too short to sit behind a desk until you’re 65!


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