What does it mean to be back on the road full time amidst COVID and closures?

We are moving once again and have left Georgia. Traveling again this time during a pandemic is not so different than before. We still go with God and travel on Sundays. We pack our own lunch and plan our stops a full tank away so we don’t have to stop to fill up or find a fast-food joint. We’re still out by 9am and in by 2pm, but what’s different now is that we sport facemasks out in public and always have the pertinent pieces of equipment accessible from the truck like, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. We also have been using our own toilet at rest areas when we stop for lunch. That’s pretty nice actually… having access to your own bathroom as you travel.

What else has changed because of the Coronavirus is that we have definitely changed our route. We will be sticking to the mountains and rural towns instead of metropolitan cities to avoid the masses. Places like Washington DC and Philadelphia are now off the list. States like Massachusetts and even New Hampshire and Vermont have been cut because our route has changed. Unfortunately those changes equate to friends and family we now won’t see. If you reside in these areas and we were going to meet up, our apologies but we’ll have to do a raincheck. Hugs and kisses for now from the road.

We absolutely loved our stay in the North Georgia mountains and have been following the Blue Ridge Mountain chain north into North Carolina and then on into Virginia where we are at the time of this blog post. [6.3.2020]

We had 2-week stay in Lenoir, NC which is about 20 minutes outside of Boone. A lot was still closed there due to stay at home but we did see most restaurants doing take out. We had some lackluster BBQ from Hannah’s and a decent burger from Cookout. We were fortunate to have visited two local wineries that were gracious and opened their doors for a private tasting. We also stopped at this family-owned shop to purchase some roadside delicacies (hot-boiled pnuts) and post cards, but that was pretty much it. We toured the towns by truck stopping to take pictures along the way. Some of those country roads drive so well with metal music blaring, just ask JC.


We have definitely been pushed back to nature seeking out alternative things to see and do as we visit new places. This is good. It is keeping us active. We’ve been walking up steep hills, biking on cool trails and at times hiking straight up a mountain. The increase in outside activities sure does help with the increased snack consumption that’s been happening since lockdown ensued.

Currently we are residing in Floyd, VA. It’s absolutely beautiful here. Rolling hills and mountain views for days. We will continue our journey north into Pennslyvania Dutch country, then New York sticking close to the finger lakes. We do have plans to get up to see Niagra Falls sometime in July. Then back track into Ohio and push up into Michigan to catch a ferry across Lake Michigan with Big Booty Judy and the chateau in tow. This hopefully will put us into Wisconsin by the first of September. That’s the plan for now anyways. Stay tuned!

For more pictures, videos, and details of the places we visit, follow us over on Instagram and Twitter.

All of today’s events are shaping the way we continue to live this RV lifestyle and while they surely present upward challenges, they are surely not getting us down.

Giddy up!

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead


  1. Sounds like your enjoying even with limited visitation. Miss you here, but hope you have a great trip. Stay safe


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