E + J RV Wine Trail: Shenandoah Valley

You know how some bands, and their music, can come across like nails on a chalkboard? For Erin, one of those bands is Muse.

One day while exploring the small, quaint, historical towns, scattered along the Shenandoah Valley, we came upon a winery that shares the same name.

While no relation to the band, the winery and vineyards are equally compelling, both in terms of location and the juice they produce. We came upon Muse Vineyards during a trek to find a swimming hole along the Shenandoah River at Seven Bends State Park.

Accessing the vineyards and state park requires a drive down a dusty, dirt road, that does a 180° switch back at the bottom of the hill, right alongside the river, that the locals visit frequently. You then cross over a one car bridge situated just above the river, so much so that it feels like the river could flow over the top of the road at any minute.

On our first trip to the area JC popped into the winery to see what kind of wine they produced and was excited to come back after learning they focused on dry wine. We enjoyed their Rose in a can enough to warrant a second trip.

Our next visit to Muse Vineyards was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with JC’s best friend, and the Best Man in our wedding, Ro. These two share an appreciation for wine that goes back to 2002! Let’s just say, they could probably fill a couple bathtubs with all of the corks they’ve pulled.

Erin + Ro, drinking wine of course

Muse Vineyards is part of the broader campaign to help recognize and promote the plethora of wineries throughout the State of Virginia. There really is no American Wine Story that doesn’t begin in VA. From the time of Pocahontas through Thomas Jefferson’s estate at Monticello all the way to prohibition, Virginia wine has been a 400 year long experiment!

It sure is!

From the grounds, to the super modern winery, the classy tasting room, a sprawling patio and outdoor picnic areas, Muse Vineyards does not disappoint.

Picnic areas

Throw in some live music from a one-man-band and a day trip to Muse Vineyards touched on all of our themes!

Here is the only Muse song that Erin approves of because Justin Theroux is in the video.

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