Top Natural Places – Year In Review

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well then, we will let these pictures, of the Top Natural Places we visited in 2020, speak for themselves.

Presented without rank but grouped where appropriate. They are equally deserving, inspiring, and awesome in their own ways.

Taughonnock Falls, NY

More Information

Niagara Falls, NY, US side

More Information

Watkins Glen Falls, NY

See more pics

Angel Oak, SC

More Information

Old Sheldon Church Rd, SC

More Information

Fall Leaves, N. GA

See more pics

Appalachian Trail, Rocky Knob, VA

Find more trails

Shenandoah Valley Caverns, VA

Find more caverns

See more pics

Mammoth Cave, KY

See more pics

Lake Erie, Buffalo, NY

Sail this Great Lake

See more pics

Shenandoah River, VA

More Information

1000 Islands, NY

See more pics

Track Rock, GA

More Information

Blowing Rock, NC

See more pics


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