Top 5 Campgrounds of 2020

Bye bye 2020!

Now that 2021 is upon us we decided (more like, succumbed to peer pressure) to share our Top 5 Campgrounds from 2020 (read: obligatory list for all full-time RV’ING folks).

And as life would have it, we’re actually back at one of these campgrounds right now! Without further ado, here’s a song to kick off the list.

If we’re being honest, neither of us chose the RV lifestyle with any expectation that Georgia would play such an outsized role in it. Yet, here we are, how it started, and where we’re headed with this beautiful state.

Stone Mountain Campgrounds

Before 2020 went all 2020 on us, we spent two weeks at this campground just outside of Atlanta.

Stone Mountain really does have something for everyone! From fishing, to golfing, to hiking up a granite Mountain, to festivals, to theme parks, even a historical village and petting zoo, not too mention a gruelling 5-mile loop for cyclist, the list of options is unmatched.

Top 3 Reasons to visit Stone Mountain Campgrounds

1. It’s one, big, outdoor playground!

2. You’re 20 minutes or so from Atlanta, but it feels like you’re in the woods.

3. The campsites are situated along a lake at the bottom of Stone Mountain so the views are amazing!

Dusk on a cool evening in Georgia.

Georgia Mountains Fairgrounds

The appeal of this beautiful locale in Hiawassee, GA, is all about the ‘nay-cha’.

In these parts folks refer to tourists who come to witness the fall leaves as “leaf lookers”. Considering this area made our Top Natural Places in 2020 we most definitely fit this category now 🍁👀.

Views so pretty the dog stopped to admire them.

1. The combination of Lake Chatuge, 360° mountain views, fall leaves, and crisp, clean air is nothing short of alluring!

2. Did we mention there’s a year round event schedule?!

3. It’s officially our adopted ‘home park’ now that we’ve bought land a few miles away 🥰.

Follow along as we build a New Green Place!

Chantilly Farm, Floyd VA

Chantilly Farm campground is enchanting. The area that is Floyd, VA is one we will be visiting again and again. Why you ask? Because it has all of this going for it!

Virginia is for lovers!

1. Bucolic hills, gorgeous sunrises, and “Love” art all around.

2. This campground is right near the famed Crooked Road on Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail.

3. Our travel theme of wine, mountains, and music came together in this place like no other we visited!

Villa Appalachia Winery, our favorite all year long!

Brennan Beach RV Resort, Pulaski NY

Our home base is Tampa, FL, and before we reached this campground on the shores of Lake Ontario, the largest body of water we’d seen was a river, or modest lake. We didn’t realize how much we missed the sound of crashing waves!

Brennan Beach resort is a sprawling mass of stationary and temporary RV spots totalling more than 1400 sites! It’s a summer haven for folks all over the Northeast and Midwest. Think, summer homes for blue collar folks, with a wide array of activities for kids, and adults alike.

And an actual beach, with waves!

1. BB has so many activities that were not available due to covid but, this is a hidden gem for folks who like to stay busy and active.

2. It’s an hour’s drive from 1000 Island’s NY, along the banks of the St Lawrence River. A place that feels straight out of a James Bond film!

3. Shade trees, cool breezes, and lovely weather was our experience. Oh, and ‘Ice Cream, Lieutenant Dan!’

Boldt Castle and Yacht House, 1000 Islands, NY

Twin Mills Camping, Howe, IN

This part of Indiana is essentially Mecca for RVers. Nearly every rig in America is manufactured in this neck of the woods. But that’s not what made this campground a top location for us.

The park is sizable without feeling too large. For its size and capacity it’s incredibly quiet. It was a peaceful place to hang out for two weeks.

Pigeon River take me away

1. This park has access to a river and a lake! We took time to splash around in both and Lincoln really enjoyed the river.

2. This is Amish country and those beautiful rolling fields, charming farmhouses, roadside vegetable stands, and horse and buggies trotting along, all come together in a way that is idyllic and homey.

3. Farmer’s markets are everywhere! The tasty treasures you can find are nearly endless, especially at the Shipshewana Trading Place.

See more pics here
Top Five, Alive! Johnny Five, Alive!

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