And just like that…

Another year goes by. And what a year it was! Started off with a slowly winding down two years of non-stop traveling. Phew! We’re tired boss.

But what an adventure we had! Man….seriously, looking back our hearts are filled with a deep satisfaction knowing we did what we set out to do. And while we didn’t see ‘all the things’ it is so gratifying having had the opportunity to risk it all, and just go for it.

I do want to preface that it’s not all roses and rainbows but there is something so remarkable about travel. How it changes you. How it gets deep into your soul and literally moves you in ways you had not imagined it could.

If you have an opportunity to travel, take it. Go and explore! Discover the unique and strange things that this world has to offer. Be careful. Be mindful. Know your surroundings… that’s our advice.

Ok, I digress…

We were ready for some rest and relaxation coming into 2022. We ended our non-stop tour with a few stops on our way out of Florida, up to N. Georgia where we had purchased property and were looking to build the home of our dreams.

And just like that… it all changed.

We enjoyed another trip to Savannah where we met up with friends to enjoy some St. Patty’s festivities. Then, our favorite pit stop in Atlanta with a long camping stay at Stone Mountain Campground. One of our favorites: Hands down!

If you can manage the Atlanta traffic with your rig – it is truly a pain-in-the-ass to deal with Atlanta traffic – then this campground doesn’t disappoint.

We had finally made it! Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mtns. Our seasonal campsite was comfy and private with gorgeous long-range mountain views. What more could you ask for?

We were getting real comfortable, exploring the area, going to all the local events, catching up with friends. It was nice to slow down a bit. Take it easy for a little while.

We started the process of building our dream home.

And we were ready! We had the blueprints in hand. We had the survey… we were filing permits, trying to find a builder, while working out details to move some earth to put in the septic.

And just like that… we were putting an offer on a new construction home a couple towns away.

We sold the property and closed on our new home the following month!

And just like that… we were home owners again.

What a trip, this life. We couldn’t be happier. We sold the 5th wheel. We kept Big Booty Judy, I mean she’s a part of the family. We figured, if we decide to continue our camping adventures, we’ll consider a truck topper. Have you seen those lately? Tight! Such ammenities in those things.

Listen. It’s been a blast! And we appreciate all the social likes and support we’ve received from our family, friends, and community of RV’ers… it’s truly been one of the most amazing experiences.

And just like that. Peace out! -eandj

This site will retire August 2023

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