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EandJ RV Wine Trail: Lenoir, N.C.

JC is a veteran of the wine industry with a penchant for trying and buying wine from unknown regions, grapes, and styles, from around the world. Erin is a big fan of bright, citrus flavors packed into dry, acidic Sauvignon Blancs. We had hoped to find a couple wineries that tickled both fancies over Memorial […]

How Do You Get Internet and Work On The Road?

Let’s take a look at the basics for Internet access that travels with you. Having your own Internet helps sustain a working life on the road. We also discuss data usage, security, and harsh realities discovered while on the road. You need to diversify your communications portfolio. Meaning, have plans with multiple providers. This guarantees […]

Oh The Places We’ll Go: Finger Lakes, NY

Man, oh man! Hiking, boating, laking, waterfalling, and nature lovers, put this place on your travel bucket list. This area is a must visit because of the pristine waterfalls, the amazing Summer weather, and all the wonderful wineries, breweries, and distilleries peppered throughout. What a geological phenomenon this place is! Formed during the ice age, […]

Oh The Places We’ll Go: Floyd, VA

Floyd was a beautiful little hamlet as my cousin referred to it. What is a hamlet anyway? A hamlet can be defined as a small settlement, generally one smaller than a village. Well, how small is a village? A village can be defined by geographers as having between 500 and 2,500 inhabitants and is generally […]

Are you leaving money on the table with campground memberships?

If you have one and aren’t using it, we’ve discovered that yes, you probably are. Especially if you don’t take advantage of an included one during an RV purchase. If you are in the market to purchase an RV or if you’ve ever been curious about discounted campground package, learn more about the savings and […]

Still Traveling During a Pandemic

We’ve been lucky to be slightly ahead of the pandemic as it continues spread and spiral out of control. By continuing to move in our fifth wheel, we’ve been able to leave behind the COVID hot-bed states and transition into areas that are less impacted. Here’s how we are safely traveling and living full time […]

Camping Tips & Etiquette

Lifelong campers and now full-time RV nomads, we’ve put together some tips and logical know-how for your next outdoor adventure. Leave No Trace – Take care of your garbage. It’s yours, so time to adult and dispose of it in a courteous and proper manner. When you get to your new campsite make sure you […]

6 Months In! Top 5 Lessons Learned

Can you believe we’ve been doing the RV thing for 6 months now?! We can’t either. Time has flown by. Even with the stay at home orders for corona virus which has delayed our travels, we’ve been so busy doing our thang that we too were surprised the month of May meant our 6 month […]

Riders on the Storm

As I sit here typing this I’m riding out another storm in our 5th wheel. This one not as severe as Easter Sunday’s storm but today’s does include some wind gusts up to 25 mph. What is only 20 mph wind gusts feel like 40 mph in this RV. This RV starts to shake and […]


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