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18 Months Living the Nomad Life and Here’s What We’ve Learned

We can hardly believe we’ve been on the road for a year and half now. Time has certainly flown by. At least for us it has. We understand it may not feel that way for some of our family and friends we left behind when we hit the open road. Ultimately, everyone chooses the life […]

National Park Tour of the Southwest

We’ve spent that last couple of months touring the Southwest and we can say, hands-down that we are in love with this area of the world. What wonders we have seen and we just have to shout, you must visit these parks! In this article we’ll cover a cluster of amazing National Parks worthy of […]

Queue the Q

No, not that Q! If you’ve reached this post through some weird algorithmic cluster f@Β’# of “internet research”, please have a listen to this song by Carly Simon. In December last year we wrote about the best BBQ Pit Stops we’d sampled throughout 2020. It’s now June, 2021, so we figured we should spin this […]

Snowmageddon 2021 Texas WTF Kerfuffle

Full-time RV living, for us and many other nomad’s, is all about experiencing new places. Which means there will be times when you’re completely out of your element. Like that time in Austin, where two Floridians found themselves in a Texas-sized winter storm! This post is dedicated to lessons learned and preparedness tips, should you […]

Thousand Trails: A Year in Review

Ok, so we understand we are well into the new year with this post and we agree, it’s better late than never! We have deliberated, discussed and delivered our reviews of Thousand Trail campgrounds year one below. If you have been considering a Thousand Trails membership, this article provides a glimpse into a year spent […]

Top 5 Campgrounds of 2020

Now that 2021 is upon us we decided (more like, succumbed to peer pressure) to share our Top 5 Campgrounds from 2020 (read: obligatory list for all full-time RV’ING folks). And as life would have it, we’re actually back at one of these campgrounds right now! Without further ado, here’s a song to kick off […]

One Year In! Top 5 Things That Suck About Living In An RV Full-time

Before anyone accuses us of complaining just to complain, we want to assure you that this post is meant to be informative, rather than a bitch fest in search of pity. With that in mind, have a listen to this song, and laugh along! We will return to our regularly scheduled programming after this bitchy […]

Top Natural Places – Year In Review

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well then, we will let these pictures, of the Top Natural Places we visited in 2020, speak for themselves. Presented without rank but grouped where appropriate. They are equally deserving, inspiring, and awesome in their own ways. More Information More Information See more pics More Information […]

Top Food + Wine – Year in Review

Keep it simple they say. Well, this year was simply delicious and we’re keeping it focused on the tasty treats we’ve enjoyed in chronological order from top to bottom. February – Yemassee, SC Read more about this roadside delicacy here.   March – Stone Mountain Park,. GA We all got to try new things this year. […]

E + J RV Wine Trail: Shenandoah Valley

You know how some bands, and their music, can come across like nails on a chalkboard? For Erin, one of those bands is Muse. One day while exploring the small, quaint, historical towns, scattered along the Shenandoah Valley, we came upon a winery that shares the same name. While no relation to the band, the winery […]


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